JP Immonen (Bass)


Born 1975, so JP is not only the fattest bastard in the band, he’s also eldest.


Some people call him ”the Big Bad Wolf” but everyone who really knows JP find out that he’s more like a teddybear. Rides a Harley and makes Basstardo basses. He also love dogs (as long as the name of the breed begins with ”BULL” or ”PIT”).  Also known as ”Dog Drummerer” (be careful Cesar Millan, you've got a competitor).


Musical career:


It was 1982 when JP heard the KISS song ”I Love it Loud” and after that KISS was the only band in the world for many years. It’s still the only reason why he is a musician, because that band changed everything. Without KISS JP might be an engineer, politician or something else pointless.


He was about six when he got his first guitar. It was a cheap toy guitar that got a very nasty ending when JP had a fight with his older sister and he tried to knock his sister down with it. He missed, hit the wall and broke the damn thing.

About a year or two later the same sister dared to give him her acoustic guitar, for temporary use only. But little bit later everyone found out that JP was the only one who actually used it.


He was about 10 when his dream came true and he got his first Cimar ”Telecaster” electric guitar and amplifier. He started to learn Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and of course KISS songs and guitar riffs.


On 6th grade he also became familiar with a bass guitar and he started playing bass  in a band called Madmen. They had one big hit at the time, a song named ”Ryynimakkara” (grain sausage). After that he played drums, guitar and bass in many different "bands".


About 10 years later 1993, was the second turning point when he heard Marcus Miller´s song called ”Rampage” and he realized how cool instrument bass really was. He thought that it’s much more versatile than guitar and he started to learn

and play different styles with bass like jazz, funk, fusion etc.


1998 he was the bass player in At Winters End and started to make industrial/teknometal and this project later formed into the band called Pentatonik. It was a bass player’s solo project with synth bass and without real bass guitar. Of course at some point later they had a real bass player in the band.


2002 At Winters End decided to have a break, JP did Pentatonik but was also in Soulgrind and played on two albums ”The Origins of the Paganblood” and ”Pakana”.


2008-2011 At winters End reunited stronger than ever and they made ”Wounded EP”. They also had a cover band named Black Winters Night which played old death and thrash metal classics like Paradise Lost, Sepultura etc. But nothing is forever and lead singer Harri wanted to leave the band and do his electronic music thing. After that the other members of the band wanted to change the music style dramatically away from the roots of At Winters End and JP decided to leave the band too.


About 2010 he started to modify bass guitars and then build them. Those basses got a name ”Basstardo”.


2012 JP’s old friend Grandi asked JP if he could play bass on Hammerhed’s forthcoming album, and he said yes. After that JP also did many gigs with Hammerhed.


2013 JP saw ”Bassist Wanted ad” on and joined Seven Against, the greatest band in the world. ;)





• Basstardo "The Dark Basstard" bass

(Jazz Bass/Precision hybrid)

• DR DDT Strings

EBS MultiComp

EBS MetalDrive
EBS OctaBass

EBS UniChorus

• TECH 21 SansAmp preamp



Past bands:

• Pentatonik

• At Winters End

• Soulgrind

• Hammerhed


JP's SoundCloud page