Miko Saastamoinen (Drums)


Born in 1982 making him the (cry) baby of the band.


Got into heavy metal music at very young age when his older brother (thanks Timo!) force fed him with Kiss and Black Sabbath albums through Sony Walkman portable cassette player. Was able to find his own music taste when discovered a cassette labeled "Metallica - ...And Justice for All". Bought his first drum kit at age 15 and started jamming out with Tuomo and former Seven Against bass player Janne back in 1998 when the foundations of Seven Against was laid.





Tama Starclassic Birch/Bubinga

(Dark Mocha Fade)

Toms: 8",10",12",16"

Bassdrum: 22"



Paiste 2002 14" Sound Edge Hi-Hats

Paiste 2002 14" Heavy Hi-Hats
Paiste 2002 22" Heavy Ride

Paiste 2002 18" Medium Crash

Paiste 2002 18" Wild Crash

Paiste 2002 18" China

Paiste Twenty Custom 19" Metal Crash

Paiste Alpha 16" China

Paiste Alpha 12" Metal Splash


Snare drums

Pearl  Reference Cast Steel Snare 14" X 5,5"

WoldMax 14" x 6,5"



Danny Carey of Tool and all the other great drummers out there.