Toni Palmumaa (Vocals)


Born 1979 in Jämsänkoski, Finland. Only at 170 cm

and 69 kg but made of pure muscle, this feisty vocalist comes packed with an arsenal of growls and grunts without comparison.


Like so many others Toni started his musical career by playing the recorder in school. Being surrounded by a lot of jazz music he signed up for saxophone classes and his grandparents bought him a saxophone. Unfortunately he received a tenor when everyone else had an alto, so that didn’t quite play out as planned.


He also got introduced to the world of synthesizers at an early age when Moby taught him to play the main lick to Van Halen’s Jump. That was back in Malmö, Sweden. Life was a bit complex back then.


It wasn’t until the early nineties back in Finland when music got back in the game. It was off course piano lessons. First with a grumpy old German and then a hot Russian lady. Practising was quite boring though and the classical pieces didn’t quite fulfill the urge hiding inside. It was the 8th or 9th when his first band Mental was established. Toni was supposed to be the Lars Ulrich for Mental, but because no one else knew how to play guitar or hit any note on vocals, he became the James Hetfield instead. Even though Metallica was a big thing and influence at the moment, the first song he ever learned to play was Black Sabbaths Snowblind. His grandfather had thought him some guitar chords on the acoustic but when he received his first Fender Squier and Marshall amp the weapon of choice was clear (for the moment at least). That amp was a mystical thing, picking up Russian radio transmission etc. Mental rehearsed at an old movie theater where Friday night jams used to end up with a bunch of people passing out here and there. Mental even played a few shows that would be better of without mentioning. Because there where so many different influences, a Paradise Lost kind of spinoff from Mental became Ettan As Case (yes, the name was taken from the Swedish snus brand).


Girls, girls, girls… Yes they killed Mental. The ladies became more interesting than music and the band dispersed. Then there was Purppura Jää that played Finnish pop/rock. Purppura Jää made a demo that sold pretty nicely around Jämsänkoski “city”. The band members even did some rock for kids that they played at camps; Paavo Potato was a big hit! Toni was the drummer/singer at that moment in time.


It was probably summer of 1996 when Toni worked his ass of to get his first own workstation, the Korg Trinity. That nifty machine was the platform for a rap duo called Z-Files. It was a MC King T aka Toni Palmumaa (later renamed MC Doggy Funk) and MC Dice that tried to follow the footsteps of Ice-T, DMX and Xzibit. Z-Files has been on a hiatus for several years, but they have never called it quits.


When Toni moved to Kotka to study he met a house fanatic Dj Profondo that lured him into the art of spinning decks. The name Doggy Funk was resurrected but as a DJ. In 2004 Toni moved to Helsinki and Doggy Funk even did some shows at a few Mixxed events. Rock and Metal music had become somewhat boring and rap & house was the main source of inspiration. But that was once again about to change and the band that brought Metal back was Slipknot. Quite soon after beeing introduced to the Knot Toni joined a few other metalheads and established Coredust. Coredust did a few shows in Helsinki, but Toni was forced to concentrate on his day job and found too little time for the band. DJ:ing was still on until 2008 when it was time to get back into the Metal scene. If you have read the Seven Against band bio, you know what was set in motion.


Nowadays Toni’s main tool on stage is the Electro Voice ND767 Microphone. At his spare time he enjoys going to the gym, playing around with his guitars and beating his drum kit. He still listens to all kind of music and picks up different influences here and there that are reflected in Seven Against’s music.


He is a cocky SOB you can easily approach. If you see him in a bar, Scotch & beer is the name of the game. And if it happens to be a Karaoke bar, Just A Gigolo or New York New York is the tune.



Toni's playground:

• EV & Shure Microphones

• Ikea Soundbooth
• Schecter & Gibson Les Paul Guitars

• Roland Drums & Yamaha pedals

• Korg synths



Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Gamma Ray,

Zakk Wylde, DMX, Slipknot,

Ray Charles, Pantera, Dave Weckl

and a hell lot of other great bands

and musicians out there!